Fear…It’s just four letters.



It’s a funny thing. Maybe it’s there to help make sure we don’t get hurt. Maybe it’s there to keep us away from things that could damage us like a fence, well more like a wall. Sometimes it’s almost like fear is the one thing holding us back from a better life with less pain less hurt and less hatred. Maybe if people weren’t so afraid they wouldn’t hurt each other, no wars, no gangs, no unnecessary deaths. No one would have to do drugs or smoke or drink because they wouldn’t have anything weighing down on them. People wouldn’t hit or hurt or laugh, or cause pain to each other.

I’m afraid of trying my hardest and putting myself out there, because I know someone’s always going to be better or smarter or prettier. Maybe it’s my defense mechanism, because everyone always told me how pretty they thought my friends were. How much they liked them. Nobody liked me.

I’m also afraid because people don’t expect much from me. I mean I wouldn’t. With my brothers and my parents and my friends. My friends. Most of them don’t think anything of me. So now the few that do get drowned out by my head. Saying you’re never good enough, you’re just like them, no one really cares…..


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