Night Terrors

Night Terrors


    Eve and I are walking through downtown alone. Its about 6 o’clock, already dark, and the wind it hits you like a 30 pound weight. We pass under a bridge. The men sitting underneath it yell cat calls, and other horrible things.

I turn around, “Matt?…”. My brother is sitting on the curb underneath a bridge. “Matt, oh my god!” my chest collapses, like, like a balloon with no air. “Who are you?” “Matt. No Matt!” His eyes, oh his eyes. Bloodshot- lifeless. “Oh my- are you high?”. He began to laugh. “Oh my god are you high?!!”. The other men join in his laughter. I see the white powder under his nose. I fall to my knees. “No, jesus no!”. The tears run hot down my face. “No! NO! Oh god No!!”. I kneel there whaling. Eve just stands, still as a brick wall. I’m struggling to catch a breath. The air is heavy, and it hurts to take it in. “Oh Matt”, the sobbing continues. I can only imagine he got kicked out of school. He came back here from South Carolina. Didn’t tell anyone. “Why matt? WHY!”.

Suddenly, everything is black. I’m in a strange room. Scrambling I get up out of the bed look around. I’m in Eve’s bedroom. She’s right there sleeping. I begin to cry. It was so real. I get back into the bed. I lay there crying. All I can see are his eyes. Bloodshotlifeless. Matt is not a drug addict. Matt is at school. Matt is fine. All night on a constant repeat. I worry about him. I see those eyes. His eyes. I hear about the kids in the news. The temptations. All I can see are those eyes, his eyes. Bloodshot-lifeless.



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