I feel like writing. No plan, so, lets wing it! They say to write what you know, so… My two brothers are both older than me. They’re off at college while I’m at home takin’ care of the folks.  Jake and Matt got out of this town as fast as they could, of course I don’t blame them. It pretty much sucks here.

       Although Jake didn’t have that much of a choice in the matter. His girlfriend found out she was pregnant during the second half of his Senior year. Jake knew what he had to do so he went to state school instead of playing football at a university. Now he and Alissa are raising Aiden who will turn 3 this August. He’s a beautiful baby boy with two parents that love him more than life itself. Jake is a double major in Psych and Business, and works nights as a manager at a shipping company . He’s also an aspiring writer working on his first novel, guess it runs in the family. I have to say I couldn’t be more proud of him. 

       Then there’s Matt. This is his first year away from home, far away! Like seven states away! I worry about him a lot. Him down there, alone! Oh my god, I’m my mother… anyways we were never super close until last summer. We’d watch a movie late at night and then sneak out of the house and get ice cream at McDonadls. We’d sing way too loud in the car and go WAY too fast. I hate to admit that I miss him terribly.

       Its really lonely at home by myself. Even if none of us talked to each other, it was still nice to be together. When I was little and there was a thunderstorm I would go into the bedroom that they shared and sleep on the floor. Then Matt would bring me back to my room and count the seconds between thunder, or Jake would “mummy” tuck me into my bed. I would thrash around trying to get out of it, and in the process making myself so tired I’d fall asleep. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They make me see the world around me in such an extraordinary way. Who and where would I be without them.


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