The final casualty of life

When do we find out that we’re going to die someday? I don’t remember crying about it. I know my parents and brothers and friends will all die someday. Why am I not bawling my eyes out? How does someone tell you about death? Hey honey! By the way everyone who is ever born will die someday, including you and I. Want a snack? How do we just know?

Do I have to tell my future children that they will die, or that I will die. Are we born knowing our final out come. If so why aren’t we all cynical ass-holes, or in my case exceedingly cynical ass-hole? Maybe it happens the first time someone we know dies and we ask why and our parents say because they were old. Then we learn that our parents are getting old and at 8 years old we connect the dots.

I don’t understand why you would be afraid of death. It’s inevitable, it’s life, well actually no it’s not.. Why would you be afraid of something that happens ever minute of every day. I mean if you get shot it wont hurt that long anyways. Not supporting death just felt like exploring the topic. I hope this opened your eyes and didn’t dampen your day.


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