My top 10 favorite movies

(In no particular order)

1) the breakfast club- it may be cleshey but that’s because everyone loves it!!

2)dream house- this physiological thriller will have your heart racing till the credits roll

3)perks of being a wallflower- this is a case were a fabulous book was actually turned into a fabulous movie

4) pretty in pink- it is Molly Ringwalds best performance

5) Snow White(Disney version)- I used to watch this every time I visited my grandmother it was our favorite movie

6) moonrise kingdom- not for everybody but I personally love it

7) the way way back- perfect movie for a day you’re just hanging around funny and inspiring

8) the artist- won best picture 2011 best silent movie I’ve ever seen!

9) hot rod- lets just say I’m in love with Andy Sandburg

10) The place beyond the pines- just watch it possibly the best film I’ve ever seen. And Ryan Gosling (the notebook was #11)

What are some of your favorite movies?


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