Procrastination: a poem

It takes over my life
Creates most of my strife
Don’t want to write my paper…
Hey Brittany Spears what’s up with her
Can’t get away from distraction
And I’ve tried to take action
Come on, I know it’s not just me
I can’t finish this I have to go watch E


Shut the hell up

Everyone just has to shut the hell up and realize what is happening around them. I apologize for being so blunt but we miss so much focusing on things we can’t change. Just think about what’s happening right here-right now. A smile, a laugh, a touch, a look. Realize what this is, your life is just one second of this infinite universe. So please shut the fuck up, you’ll thank me.

Your smile

Did you know that you could get high off a smile. Or that someone’s stretched lips could leave you in a hazy trans for the rest of the day. The simplest motion can leave you breathless for hours. A smile could give you a nirvana of pleasure. A smile could leave you trembling with excitement and fear.
Give someone a smile, it could be just what they need.

Am I the cow?

Do you ever think that you may be that person that’s chewing gum like a cow, and nobody had the balls to tell you. I am now chewing my gum very slowly and carefully. Just a subtle casualty of my day.



Deep breaths

Weak swimmers be warned, cause it’s about to get deep.

Sometimes I think that I think too much. I can analyze Shakespearian literature but if I think the much about the way I breath I will start to hyperventilate! I do have some anxiety, if I think about my brother, Matt, I don’t just think oh I bet matt’s in his dorm room doing his homework. I think what if matt’s driving too fast right now what if he gets in an accident. I’ve called him hysterically crying so he can assure me that he’s okay. This may be a sign of ignorance, or a weak conscience. If I get into this state I can sometimes snap out of it. I just stare until my mind goes blank, like a reset. Then I can go on thinking. Only sometimes I can’t snap out, I’m trapped in my own thoughts. I become short of breath and cry hysterically and I just have to wait for it to pass. I don’t think I can write anymore about this today. I hope that you are all having a lovely day, call your family, text your friends, and be present.