I try very hard. It may not seem that way, but I do. Don’t we all? We all crave acceptance and appreciation from those we admire. Those people, as well, crave the same thing from the individuals that they admire. The chain goes on and on. When will we realize that we don’t need the love we have earned through trying; we need the love we deserve for who we are. People always say I can finally be myself around you. Who are we the rest of the time. We walk around with masks on, hoping that no one will see the vulnerable human underneath. That we are all really just people that want admiration and love. That we are all simple humans that want so desperately to love and be loved for our masks and what we try so hard to become. I am one of them, You are one of them, Your grandfather is one of them, your neighbor is one of them, even BeyoncĂ© is one of them. We all hide behind our fragile masks, thin as paper, hoping that nobody will see through.


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