the other day I realized that in high school terms I can be referred to as a “loser“. Right now almost everyone I knew was at a beach getting drunk. That’s not what I was jealous of them. I didn’t want to drink, I just didn’t want to be alone. I was talking to my brother a few days ago and I said “Wasn’t it weird the other night when I came home late and you were sitting on the couch?” “Yeah” he said “You know you should go out more often, you know, you can’t just sit and hang out at home”. This was when I realized I was a “loser“. I sit on my couch after work every day and watch “Americas next top model” marathons, or read, or blog, or listen to music. I don’t feel much better tonight since all 7 of my friends were either pissed at me, sick, away, or busy. So now I am sitting in my room alone, blogging, and crying because my mother felt so bad for me she asked “hey, do you just want to the mall alone?” The mall, alone….


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