Warped perspective

I have been dancing classical ballet for 12 years. Every day I rehearse in front of a wall of mirrors. Staring at yourself trying doing these,almost impossible, steps. While you pick at every little part of yourself it can make seemingly perfect girls a little crazy. One of my friends even refrained from eating regularly. But honestly with all of us looking at ourselves for 1-2 hours at a time judging every little movement, it could have happened to any of us.



I am beginning to ponder wether or not love is a real thing. I really don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever felt true romantic love; and I don’t think I would even recognize it if I had. Is this thing called love that our parents have, or had, just infatuation. I love Shakespeare especially Romeo and Juliet (I only now just realized that I used the word love) but maybe that only happens in novels and plays and poems and movies. Maybe we entrance ourselves in these things to feel this thing that can never actually exist. I hope love is real. I also hope to find it one day. I’m sorry this is a bit all over the place but I wrote it in 10 minutes and am not in the mood for editing.

Good night

10 good things; What are your 10 things

1. I am passionate about my art (dance) and I’m very devoted to it.

2. I love reading and writing poetry, and I’d like to think that I’m okay at it.

3. I can make a mean grilled cheese (and a nice one). I can also make pasta (with veggies), eggs, and pancakes.

4. I believe in animal rights, I’m a vegetarian of 1 year.

5. I am almost always up for an adventure.

6. I believe its what’s on the inside that matters.

7. I try to be a trustworthy person.

8. I’m a good listener.

9. I don’t mind a friendly debate every once in a while.

10. There is and will only be one “me” in all of time. Everything about me is unique; every moment of my life is fleeting and will never happen again. I’d say that makes me pretty special.