10 good things; What are your 10 things

1. I am passionate about my art (dance) and I’m very devoted to it.

2. I love reading and writing poetry, and I’d like to think that I’m okay at it.

3. I can make a mean grilled cheese (and a nice one). I can also make pasta (with veggies), eggs, and pancakes.

4. I believe in animal rights, I’m a vegetarian of 1 year.

5. I am almost always up for an adventure.

6. I believe its what’s on the inside that matters.

7. I try to be a trustworthy person.

8. I’m a good listener.

9. I don’t mind a friendly debate every once in a while.

10. There is and will only be one “me” in all of time. Everything about me is unique; every moment of my life is fleeting and will never happen again. I’d say that makes me pretty special.


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