It’s Emma

Sometimes I feel irrelevant. For example there is a boy that is one year older than me on my bus. I have spoken to him almost every day for the past 5 years. About 2 months ago he asked me how to spell my name. I replied ‘E.M.M.A’ as this is in fact the only way to spell Emma. He then said ‘oh right I thought it was one M’. ‘No you didn’t’ I interjected ‘oh my- you don’t know my name’. He said that I was right and he was sorry.

Then this Friday on our usual bus ride home he said to me ‘Hey, Emit’. I look at him confused.. Come on Emit, was he even trying? ‘Oh my gosh he said, I’m the worst’. ‘Uh yeah, I’m a girl. And it’s Emma’.


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