you know it all

A friend pointed out to me that I write some pretty personal stuff on this blog. She wondered if it bothered me that anyone could see it. For a while it bothered me, I felt like I had to censor myself, like I was putting myself out into a cruel world naked and over exposed. But I think that’s what’s cathartic about blogging for me. I can take anything that I’m feeling and shove it out into the world for anyone to see whenever, wherever. And I don’t have to look at them when they do it. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true. Imaging letting everyone know everything but not having to actually tell anyone anything. I can say here what I wouldn’t have the courage to say to anyone directly. This may be cowardly and some people may use this power to do bad things and hurt others, but I don’t. I share my life with you so I can understand it myself. So no, I don’t care if you know it all. Right now I have nothing more to hide.


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