Today I went to the nurse because I was getting a migraine, nothing unbearable, I just needed some advil. The nurse asked if I would like to lie down for a bit. Naturally my hatred of history made me accept her offer. Lying there I began to cry, not a lot, but enough. I didn’t even know I needed to. Maybe it was my history paper due Friday, maybe it was my procrastination catching up to me, maybe it was my resentment of the person I’d become. Someone so unmotivated and unhappy that she didn’t care anymore. A selfish shitty human being that, at 15, was beginning to give up on her future. But I don’t know what to do; because I can’t just watch a fucking Disney movie and become someone else. Especially when I don’t even have the energy to try. So yeah I’m a fucking mess. okay. bye


2 thoughts on “vhkycjtxyrztxycuv;/m9iun87yb

  1. I rediscovered a letter (for the thousandth time) that has been stored away. I read it, and once again it made me sad (there isn’t really a better word). I won’t go into depths about the specifics of this letter, except for this point: it is okay to talk to people once in awhile. Yes, it is true some people will never understand (some people just do not have the ability to), but others will be able to listen and support you, even if they do not comprehend fully. Every individual has their own understandings and things they feel lonely or confused about. The happiest of individuals carry sadnesses. I guess this comment doesn’t have much more to say except that the love people have for you and others is always constant even if you are unable to see it.

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