I Can’t Even Believe This…

A blogger that I follow (actually used to follow) wrote a post* explaining why he “[found] it hard for [him] to mourn those who resort to suicide. No one should mourn such selfish people. Life is tough for each and everyone of us but yet we’re still here. How bad could life possibly have been for you that suicide was the only solution”. First of all FUCK YOU. Do you know anything about self harm, suicidal people, or depression. Reading this actually made me feel sick. Can you imagine how triggering this post could be for someone that was suicidal, since he obviously knows nothing about the subject he wouldn’t know that this could put someone over the edge. I just find it hard to believe that someone could be so insensitive, and ignorant. Some people believe that all publicity is good publicity, obviously this blogger just wanted attention and reactions. All and all, this post was immature, ignorant, uninformed, and hurtful. I am truly offended.

*I believe the post has since been deleted.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Even Believe This…

    • I believe that it is a serious issue, and that more people have to deal with self harm and thoughts of suicide than many believe. I also believe that people need to be more sensitive about suicide. For example when someone jokingly says “go kill yourself”, they never know who is right behind them. Suicide is not a joke.
      Thank you for asking.

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