I am not a human

I am a piece 

Cut out of this universe 

I fit perfectly 

into its holes

It makes room for me

As I change 

and stretch out

It grows with me

It inhales and 

Exhales with me

It lives and

Dies with me

It smiles and

Cries with me

It is me

And I am it

There is no barrier 

Because we are one


I am not a human 

I am a piece.

poetry, poems, universe, self, self discovery, earth, nature 


A Shift

You are a change

A turn

You are the next peg

In the gear

You are new

You are different

You are more

More everything 

You have eyes

Like I’ve never seen before

And a mind 

that’s the same

You are a shift 

In the wind 

That Changes the weather

Bringing storm or sun