Rainy days

I love the smell of rain. Yes, rain does have a smell and if you’ve missed it you’re moving to fast. I can’t compare it to anything, it’s just so perfect. In the summer it steams off of the hot tar. In the fall it catches on the leaves and is mellow. In the winter it’s a breath of crisp fresh air. In the spring, oh in the spring! It’s a new beginning, a sweet melody, and an old friend you see in the grocery store.


what to do when you can’t fall asleep

This is actually what I’ve been doing for the past couple of hours

11:45 pm

1. eat

2. listen to classical music

3. watch television

12:30 am

4. make your bed; very thoroughly, maybe even twice

5. read Nancy Drew [should zonk you out after a chapter]

1:05 am

6. drink a glass of water

7. plan your outfit for tomorrow

1:25 am

8. blog

9. clean your glasses-even though they’re not dirty

10. watch E! news

2:02 am

11. Set several back up alarms for tomorrow; not like you’ll need them since you’re already awake!!

12. check instagram…. because everyone’s posting at 2:02 am


13. dance to Lana Del Rey songs

14. clean your glasses; even though you weren’t reading and didn’t have them on.


15. stalk people on instagram

16. ask my readers: “what do you do when you can’t fall asleep?”

17. repeat………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………




I asked my self “why do you blog?” Good question Emma! I have no idea. Probably because I’m the youngest child, crave attention, have lots of opinions, and a short attention span….Or maybe it’s because I love to write. But probably just the first thing.
Happy Easter everybody 🐰

Grilled cheese for lunch…

The bread tastes like toasted cardboard. There is one slice of cheese and it is the thinnest thing you have ever seen! Then the cup filled with chicken broth celery and carrots. So after you buy your $3.00 worth of cardboard and chicken broth you go to find a seat. Oh no all of my friends have chorus!! They have second lunch!!! Nervously I take a lap around the lunch room searching for a familiar face. No one to be found only old friends, and when I look at them my back hurts almost as if there is something in it (maybe a knife). So then I take the dreaded walk to the bathroom sit in the stall farthest to the left, eat quietly, and hope no one comes in. You know the grilled cheese isn’t so bad.

My top 10 favorite movies

(In no particular order)

1) the breakfast club- it may be cleshey but that’s because everyone loves it!!

2)dream house- this physiological thriller will have your heart racing till the credits roll

3)perks of being a wallflower- this is a case were a fabulous book was actually turned into a fabulous movie

4) pretty in pink- it is Molly Ringwalds best performance

5) Snow White(Disney version)- I used to watch this every time I visited my grandmother it was our favorite movie

6) moonrise kingdom- not for everybody but I personally love it

7) the way way back- perfect movie for a day you’re just hanging around funny and inspiring

8) the artist- won best picture 2011 best silent movie I’ve ever seen!

9) hot rod- lets just say I’m in love with Andy Sandburg

10) The place beyond the pines- just watch it possibly the best film I’ve ever seen. And Ryan Gosling (the notebook was #11)

What are some of your favorite movies?

Hard knock life

I don’t know what to write about. My head is all jumbled up, dance, school, family, friends. But I’m lucky, I’m not wondering where my next meal is coming from. I think we all kind of get into this place of my life is so hard, no one understands!! I always try to think of one thing I can do to make me happy. Like watch this!👉http://thoughtcatalog.com/jessica-blankenship/2014/04/this-guy-dancing-to-beyonce-is-more-important-than-whatever-youre-doing-right-now/


I believe fate is a choice. It’s not chance that you went into the coffee shop where you met your husband. No omniscient forces swept you in there. You made the choice to go in there. This may make me seem like a cynical hypo-realist but doesn’t this mean that your fate is in your hands!! You can control what happens to you. Take your life in your own hands and get shit done!! What do you think controls out fate?